For your safety and ours

Current measures based on the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 

We are finally permitted to offer tourists the opportunity to stay overnight in our hotel again. Please note that you will need to show proof of your negative covid status when you arrive.

The reception desk will be staffed from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. throughout August. However, the hours may be temporarily reduced in the event that we have a very low number of arrivals. In cases where the reception desk is not going to be staffed, we will contact you to provide a guest access code, enabling you to check in at any time. 

Update August, 2021

A warm welcome to our guests!

We are very happy to have the pleasure of seeing you again!

Protecting our guests and staff is very important to us. By taking great care and applying strict hygiene standards in all areas, we are fulfilling our shared responsibility for the containment of the coronavirus. Please support us in this endeavor by strictly complying with the rules of conduct. With your consideration, you are protecting yourself, the other guests and your hosts!

Below you will find some rules for attentive and respectful co-existence:



General information

  • Maintain a distance from other people - at least 1.5 meters. Wherever this is not possible, please wear a mask.
  • Observe coughing and sneezing etiquette: Turn away from other people when coughing or sneezing. It is best to sneeze or cough into a disposable tissue. And always remember to wash your hands thoroughly after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing.
  • Disinfect your hands, especially when entering and leaving the hotel. Contact-free disinfectant dispensers are available at the entrance, outside the breakfast room and in the seminar area.
  • Please refrain from shaking hands. Instead, try a smile ☺.


When checking in and out

For safe and relaxed interactions, we have installed a Plexiglas panel at the reception.
You will receive our detailed corona guidelines when you check in.
Your key will be disinfected before every hand-over.
You have the option of paying your bill cash-free.


On-the-go inside the hotel

Please wear a mask in all public areas, including the reception area, lobby, library, hallways, elevator, public restrooms and when entering the breakfast room, patio and seminar rooms. Disposable masks are available at our reception desk. Other groups including our vendors and contractors also wear masks whenever they are at the hotel. Only one person or members of ONE household may use the elevator at a time.


In the rooms

The surfaces in your room are disinfected when the room is cleaned. The door handles in the hallways and throughout the building are disinfected at least three times a day. We use disinfectant detergents for bed linen and towels. Guest information is exchanged after each departure. We have removed guest folders and guest supplies like writing pads and pens from the rooms.



As buffets are not permitted, we serve breakfast on a tray. At check-in our staff will give you a list from which you can select your breakfast. We will then arrange breakfast for you on a tray the next day at your desired time. All breakfast staff wear masks. Please also wear a mask when you pick up your breakfast tray.

We offer a self-service buffet starting at 11 booked rooms.
Please remember to disinfect your hands before serving yourself at the buffet and always wear a mask when you go to the buffet. Because we frequently air out the room, please bring a sweater or jacket
with you to breakfast.

You may have breakfast in our breakfast room or on our patio. You can also take the tray with you to your room. Coffee beverages are available from the breakfast staff in the breakfast room. Due to the distance requirement of 1.5 meters, the number of seats has of course been reduced. If these seats are already occupied, please enjoy your breakfast in our library (if vacant) or in your room. Tables and chairs are disinfected after each guest.



For our seminar rooms, the current number of participants including the coach/speaker is as follows:

  Applying 1.5 m distance rule In groups
Room 1 (65 qm) max. 11 people max. 21 people
Room 2 (35 qm) max. 6 people max. 10 people
Library (20 qm) max. 2 people max. 2 people

Either the participants must sit 1.5 meters apart from one another, or they can form groups (such as 3 groups of 3 participants, 4 groups of 4 participants) that share food and equipment. The required distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained between the different groups. The people in these groups also sit together at lunch. The groups are NOT allowed to mix.
No mask is required in the seminar rooms, unless the minimum distance of 1.5 meters is not observed. Otherwise you only have to wear a mask when entering and exiting the seminar room. Our seminar foyer is currently not in use. 

All catering for the breaks will be set up in the seminar room. Drinks and break snacks will be provided separately for each participant or group. The catering items are provided at the beginning of the seminar and after the lunch break in the seminar room. Equipment such as markers for the flipchart and moderation materials will be provided separately for each participant or group.
Starting immediately, lunch will once again be served as a self-service buffet. Please remember to disinfect your hands before serving yourself at the buffet and always wear a mask when you go to the buffet. Tables will be set with drinks per guest or per group. Coffee drinks after lunch will be brought to the table by the service staff as usual.


Family celebrations and bar

Family celebrations may once again take place to a limited extent with a maximum of 10 people, meaning family members and close friends of the family. The celebration may be held in our breakfast room without applying the distance rule and without masks. Masks must be worn, however, when entering and exiting the room. Other guests are not permitted to enter the room during the celebration. 

Our bar’s regular hours are from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. There is currently a curfew in effect in Frankfurt from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am and no alcohol may be sold during this time. You can
take drinks with you to your room. Because the necessary distance cannot be maintained, at this time it is not possible to have drinks at the bar. However, there is a service area where beverages are available, and you can enjoy your drinks in the library, in the breakfast room or on the patio.


The current situation

We are continuously adapting our coronavirus guidelines to comply with current legislation.

Hotel Villa Orange

Updated in August, 2021



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