Literary Salon

Conversations with authors

Once a month on Friday evenings a literary salon with a reading by an author takes place at Villa Orange. Interested hotel guests can participate in this exclusive event. It always starts at 8 pm. The admission fee is 15 Euro/20 Euro (incl. drinks and pretzels).
The readings are organized by the Literary Salon Committee: Lothar Ruske, Christoph Schröder, Eldad Stobezki, Robin Schmerer, Marvin Baudisch and hostess Christiane Hütte.

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The next Literary Salon

16th of February 2024
Leon Joskowitz „Vom Kochen und Töten"
Kulinarische Meditationen über den Anfang der Menschheit


Looking back - Readings 2016/17/18/19/20/21/22
Guests at the Literary Salon have included Sebastian Guggolz, André Postert, Kathy Carnegin, Bettina Querfurth, Florian Schwinn, Eva Rossmann, Christoph Schröder, Najem Wali, Christoph Peters, Günther Butkus and Jürgen Heimbach, Viola Eckelt and Axel von Ernst, Barbara Bierach, Martin Schult. In addition, a wonderful groove reading took place as part of Frankfurt Reads a Book. 

Books are a constant theme throughout the entire hotel. We have a cozy and well-stocked library and even in the rooms many books invite you to browse through them. Many authors and writers stay with us during the Book Fair. Come join us and find your own favorite place to read at Villa Orange.




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