NAW – Netzwerk Achtsame Wirtschaft
Mindful Economy Network

Regional Group Frankfurt

Once a month, the Frankfurt regional group of the Mindful Economy Network (NAW) meets at Villa Orange. We network and exchange ideas on topics such as mindfulness in the workplace, mindful consumption or mindful corporate and employee management. In addition to our mindfulness meetings and days, we also organize retreats, seminars, lectures and a public walking meditation in the pre-Christmas period.

Future NAW dates for 2024

25. bis 28. April 2024 Mindful Business: Die Kraft der Achtsamkeit in Organisationen – Zutaten für eine gesunde und mitfühlende Unternehmenskultur
19. bis 22. September 2024 Warmes Geld: Wie wir finanzielle Prozesse tiefer verstehen und heilsam gestalten – Vom achtsamen Umgang mit finanziellen Energien  
9. bis 13. Oktober How does a Buddha lead? Challenges, inspirations, and practices for everyone, who wants to make a difference in the world
30. November 2024

public walking meditation


Who we are

The NAW is an association of people who want a different kind of economy. It is not about developing new theoretical models or political concepts, but about change that begins from within the individual - in keeping with Ghandi’s motto of “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Please contact Christiane Hütte. Detailed information on all activities can be found on the NAW’s website (website in German).

The Wiesbadener Kurier published a nice article about the NAW-Network Frankfurt and Villa Orange.




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