Villa Orange brings together business and sustainability

We want our guests to feel at home here and enjoy Villa Orange as a place where you encounter friendliness and appreciation. The hotel is privately run, and owner Christiane Hütte personally takes care of all the details.

Our success is based on three pillars:
Enthusiastic, creative employees - they embody the “spirit” of the hotel.
The furnishings - they are high-quality, comfortable and timeless.
Sustainability - a topic that is very important to us.

Villa Orange supports the industry code ‘fairpflichtet’ to promote sustainability in the events industry.
In our mission statement we have gathered all the things that are close to our hearts. But we don’t just vaguely talk about sustainability, we get right down to business: Villa Orange has been certified organic since July 2008 and a member of the community of values of Bio-Hotels since January 2009. We offer 100% organic breakfasts and seminar catering. We are involved in the Umweltforum Rhein-Main e.V., we purchase green electricity and we strive in general to conscientiously utilize resources. We select our suppliers on the basis of our own principles.




Guiding principle

Sustainability and human values like honesty, reliability and consideration, as well as a high quality of work, are the foundation of our daily activities. Our guests should enjoy Villa Orange as a place of friendliness and appreciation. They should all feel welcome and at home, and always happy to return.

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As a green hotel, we work together with suppliers who live and work by the same principles and meet the strict guidelines of certification. “Organic, regional and seasonal” is our motto when we buy food. And when it comes to hotel furnishings and furniture, we also focus on finding manufacturers who produce sustainably and fairly. 

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For us, organic and green are an attitude towards life that we live every day, one which is repeatedly expressed in our actions. We are active in the Umweltforum Rhein-Main e.V., and Christiane Hütte is the chairwoman of the Frankfurt Netzwerk Achtsame Wirtschaft (Mindful Economy Network), which meets regularly at Villa Orange. We support the industry code of conduct for the events industry, ‘fairpflichtet’.

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