Guiding principle

“Happiness is not doing what you like, but liking what you do.” *

Villa Orange is a small, owner-run hotel in the heart of Frankfurt. There are many facets to its specialness for our guests: 

As a business and organic hotel, we combine the business life with sustainability. With an individual ambience and a familiar feeling, we want to create a very personal and calm counterbalance to the busy financial and trade fair metropolis of Frankfurt. We want our hotel guests to enjoy Villa Orange as a place of friendliness and appreciation, where everyone feels welcome and at home, and a place to which they are always happy to return. Christiane Hütte and her staff are your personal contacts for all matters, and they are always ready to listen.


The team is the main engine, and also the spirit of the house. We appreciate the versatility of our tasks and enjoy tackling the daily challenges with commitment and creativity. We treat all guests and partners of Villa Orange with respect, cordiality, fairness and self-confidence. We are open to constructive criticism, and we are also happy to hear about the satisfaction of our hotel guests and partners.

Management style

The management style is friendly, people-oriented and appreciative, the communication is open and honest. We welcome committed employees who are enthusiastic and focus on our guests. Christiane Hütte attaches great importance to long-term relationships with her employees, and fosters a cooperative work environment with regular team workshops.


Sustainability is a passion at our hotel, in many areas: Villa Orange has been certified organic since July 2008 and a member of the cooperation and community of values of Bio-Hotels since January 2009. We act with conviction and strive to be conscientious in our use of resources. We are very proud to offer our guests a 100% organic breakfast buffet. In order for our guests to feel comfortable, all rooms are furnished to a very high standard: The new purchases in our hotel include bed linens and terry towels made of organic cotton. Our guests will only find certified organic cosmetic products in the bathrooms, and the rooms are cleaned with eco-friendly organic cleaning agents.

Suppliers and partners

We are loyal, reliable and outgoing towards our partners and suppliers, and we would like our partners and suppliers to adopt the same attitude. We are interested in fruitful and long-term partnerships.

Sustainability, personal values like honesty, reliability and respect, as well as a high quality of work are the foundation of our daily activities. We don't want to stagnate, but instead remain in a constant process. This is why we regularly check whether we are truly living up to our mission statement, and we are open to hearing whether this is the case, as well as any possible suggestions for improvement.

Christiane Hütte and the Villa Orange team
Frankfurt am Main, January 2010

*J. M. Barrie, Scottish poet and playwright, 1860-1937, whose most famous literary figure is Peter Pan.




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